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Friday, 24 January 2014

Liebster Award

Hey guys! So I got nominated for another Liebster Award. Thanks so much to Ivana from Little and Flushed for nominating me. This is gonna be my last ever Liebster Award because it can only be given to bloggers with less than 200 followers and I hit 200 followers just a couple of days after Ivana nominated me. I'm so happy that I've hit 200 followers and that I was nominated for another Liebster just before so that I can do one final one. 

The Liebster Award Rules:

You must link back the person who nominated you.
You must state 11 random facts about yourself
You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the nominee before you.
You must pick 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award with under 200 followers.
You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

11 random facts about me:

1. I play the guitar.
2. My favourite colour is and has always been blue.
3. I'm 5 ft 7 and a 1/2
4. I love crime shows like CSI, Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU.
5. I love animals.
6. I study French and English at University. 
7. I have one dog and two goldfish.
8. I love scary movies even though I am a bit of a scaredy-cat.
9. I hate spiders.
10. London is my favourite city in the world.
11. I am a major procrastinator and never do any college work until the night before it's due.

10 questions that Ivana gave me:

1. Heels or flats?
Flats. I'm not very good at walking in heels so I prefer to wear flats for everyday and then heels on a night out, plus flats are way more comfortable. 

2. If you only had 1 minute to do your makeup, what product would you reach for first?
Concealer. I have fairly good skin so I don't really need foundation but I like to use some concealer to cover my dark circles. 

3. Cats or dogs? 
Dogs. I have always preferred dogs ever since I was a child and I always wanted a dog. I begged my mom for one for years and she eventually gave in when I was fifteen and I got a Jack Russell called Derek who I still have today. ( I know that Derek is a weird name for a dog :P)

4. What did you want to be when you were a child?
When I was little I wanted to be a waitress which is really weird because I would absolutely hate to be one now. I really wouldn't like to work with food. I'm also really clumsy so I know that I wouldn't be able to carry all the plates at once without dropping them.

5. Why did you start blogging?
I started watching a lot of vlogs and thought that it was something that I wanted to do but I was a bit scared to go in front of the camera so thought that I should start blogging instead. I love blogging and I am so glad I started it. Maybe I can do some vlogs/videos as well as blogging someday.  

6. Do you prefer to wear lipstick or lipgloss?
Definitely lipstick, I'm not a lipgloss girl at all. I feel like it's a waste of time because it wears off so quickly and you have to keep reapplying it.

7. What type of superpower would you want to have?
I think maybe being able to move things with my mind but I feel like this question's answers changes every so often because there are so many cool powers to choose from and they could all come in useful.

8. What is your favourite TV Show?
I'm not sure. I like loads of different TV shows and it changes from week to week. Lately, I've been watching a lot of Pretty Little Liars, Sex and the City and Criminal Minds.

9. What is your favourite season?
I've always liked Winter because I don't like it when it's too hot out and I always find spring a bit depressing. Also, Christmas is in Winter and I love the idea of snow and warm fires and things like that. Winter has always been my answer to this question but I'm not really sure right now because I don't like when it's freezing cold out so maybe Autumn which is when Halloween and my birthday occur.

10. What is your favourite shop?
I love Boots and River Island but I also really love books shops and toy stores, places that I can spend absolutely ages wandering around looking at everything.

My nominees :

Sian from The Pretty Possessive
Samantha from Little Miss Cake Maker
Stacie from Makeup Obsessed Mom
Lauren from Love Lauren x
Natalie from Coral Tinted Perceptions 
Allyssa from Life With Lyss
Lori from Vintage Beauty
Rebecca from XBeccaBe
Ellis from Strawberry Lace
Abegail from The Vintage Traveler

My questions for my nominees:

1. What is your favourite makeup look to wear?
2. Who is your style crush?
3. Who are your favourite band?
4. What is your ultimate mascara?
5. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
6. What is your favourite shop?
7. Who is your favourite blogger/youtuber?
8. What type of eyeliner do you prefer to use? (gel, liquid,none,etc)
9. Have you any pets? 
10. Why did you start blogging?

I hope you liked this post. Thank you again to Ivana for nominating me. Feel free to do the tag anyway even if I didn't nominate you and make sure to leave a link in the comments below to your blog post if you do.