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Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Favourite #5: Essence Eyeliner Pen (Extra LongLasting)

Hey Guys! This weeks Friday Favourite is the Essence Eyeliner Pen (Extra LongLasting). It comes in black and its great if your doing a dramatic makeup look. Although it's only €2.99, it comes out jet black, doesn't smudge and lasts the whole day. It is a good as eyeliners three or four times the price. Another thing I like about this eyeliner is that it comes off easily with a makeup wipe so you don't have to tug on your eye like you might with some other eyeliners that seem like you've got cement on your eyes when it comes to taking them off. Its really easy to put on because its in a pen form but it does create quite a thick line (this is why it's better for dramatic looks).For a finer line however, Essence also do a Super Fine Eyeliner Pen which I haven't tried yet but for the price (and if it's anything as good as the Extra LongLasting) it's worth a try. Whichever type of line you want, Essence liners are well worth the money and I'd recommend trying them :)

Hope you liked this post :) If there is anything specific you want me to review leave a comment below.